Question: How does Vonage telephone adapter work?

Vonage utilizes your existing High Speed Internet connection to make and receive ordinary phone calls. A Vonage Phone Adapter makes this possible by converting Internet data into a voice-call that sounds just like your landline.

How do I connect my Vonage phone to WiFi?

1:302:36Vonage How-to: Set Up Vonage Box With Router - YouTubeYouTube

How do I record a Vonage phone conversation?

Use ODCR. Once added and assigned to your extension, press *7 on your phone while on a call to begin recording. To stop recording, press *8. A short beep plays to confirm each selection.

Can you send text messages with Vonage?

The Vonage® Business Communications Mobile App lets you send and receive business text and multimedia messages via your Vonage Business Communications number. * You can even use Business SMS and MMS when youre at your computer using Desktop, so you dont have to use your personal phone number to stay connected.

Does Vonage have call recording?

Users can quickly start and stop recording phone calls via their phone or the Vonage Business Communications Mobile App, or they can set the feature to record all calls. Once the recording is captured, its accessible on the employees password-protected User Portal.

Does Vonage record all calls?

Recording calls—weve got a few ways With On-Demand and Company-Wide call recording, every recorded call is organized and available for easy access thanks to online portals on the Vonage cloud.

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