Question: What does the heart mean on EliteSingles?

This allows you to do an open search of all our registered members. In order to use What if , you must have the app downloaded. To access this feature, just tap on the magnifying glass with the heart. You can then view the profiles and get in touch with members by sending a message.

What does the number in the heart mean on Elite Singles?

What does the number mean? Once youve completed the questionnaire, Elite Singles pairs you with members based on a compatibility score of 1 to 100. The higher the score, the higher the likelihood of compatibility for serious dating, according to the Elite Singles algorithm.

What does the check mark mean on Elite Singles?

When you are on the Message tab, when you send communication to a match, you will see a single green checkmark. When the match has read your message, there will be two checkmarks.

What do the symbols on Silversingles mean?

First, a heart icon at the top of the page indicates the number of potential matches you have. Click on the heart to see the Matches list. Each match is assigned a number to show the level of compatibility. The higher the score, the stronger the similarities between the two profiles.

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