Question: Why did Eminem hate ICP?

Eminem has dissed ICP on many tracks before. For example, on “Get U Mad”, he says “dress up like ICP and have them come see you perform live” and on “Drastic Measures” he says, “ICP are over rated and hated because of their false identities”.

What ever happened to ICP?

“Thats never happened in our life.” After nearly 30 years of making music, ICP has finally worn down the mainstream. Katy Perry fans arent going to suddenly start coming to their shows and identifying as Juggalos, members of the groups extremely dedicated, hardcore fanbase.

Why does Eminem have beef with ICP?

Birth. The beef had began in 1997 when Eminem was first releasing his Slim Shady EP he was throwing a record party and had been handing out flyers to random people he saw Violent J of ICP and handed him a flyer. According to Violent J, it read: Special appearances: ICP (maybe), Esham (maybe).

Is ICP worth investing?

Now at a comfortable $6.3 billion market capitalization, ICP is a gamble worth taking. New crypto investors may not know much about PancakeSwap, the decentralized exchange that processes much of the Binance (CCC:BNB-USD) Smart Chain.

How many ICP joker cards are there?

six Jokers Cards It is a concept of the afterlife in which souls are sent to a form of limbo while waiting to be sent to heaven or hell based on their individual actions. These concepts are related by Insane Clown Posse in a series of albums called the six Jokers Cards.

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