Question: How are Islamalad and Rawalpindi different?

Islamabad is the national capital and the hub for all governmental activities; Rawalpindi is an older and much larger city and is a center of industrial, commercial, and military activity. Rawalpindi lies along the ancient trade route from Persia and Europe across the Khyber Pass to India (fig.

Is Rawalpindi bigger than Islamabad?

Islamabad, with a population of 901,000 (ca. The larger Rawalpindi (population 1,406,214 in 1998) lies to the south on the Soan River. Islamabad has grown rapidly since construction began in 1961.

How is Islamabad different from other cities?

The capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad is located in the northwest of the country on Potohar Plateau. Due to Islamabads proximity to Rawalpindi, they are considered sister cities. Compared to other cities of the country, Islamabad is a clean, spacious and quiet city with lots of greeneries.

What is the difference between Lahore and Islamabad?

Lahore is an ancient city. It is a cultural capital as well as a trade hub. Islamabad is completely opposite.

Is Bahria Town in Islamabad or Rawalpindi?

Bahria Town Rawalpindi is a gated upper class neighbourhood located within the Rawalpindi District; it is part of the Islamabad Rawalpindi metropolitan area.

What is the richest city in Pakistan?

Lahore Lahore is one of Pakistans wealthiest cities with an estimated GDP of $84 billion as of 2019. It is the largest city and historic cultural centre of the wider Punjab region, and is one of Pakistans most socially liberal, progressive, and cosmopolitan cities.

Why Islamabad is 2nd beautiful capital?

Beauty gets doubled when nature is combined with modern architecture. Islamabad is the worlds second most beautiful capital, designed uniquely and made eco-friendly. This city has a lot to offer, an eye-catching view, a peaceful environment, developed infrastructure, clean roads, and super cool people.

Which city is called Brasilia of Pakistan?

IslamabadIslamabad اسلام آبادPopulation (2017)• City1,014,825• Rank9th, Pakistan• Density2,089/km2 (5,410/sq mi)27 more rows

Who is owner of Bahria Town?

Malik Riaz Hussain Malik Riaz Hussain (Urdu, Punjabi: ملک ریاض حسین; born February 8, 1954) is a Pakistani business tycoon who is the founder of Bahria Town, the largest privately held real estate development company in Pakistan and in Asia.

Which city is most educated in Pakistan?

Top 10 Districts in the 2017 Middle School education Score IndexRankDistricthideSchool Infrastructure Score1Nagar66.002Swat63.483Islamabad87.334peshawar92.746 more rows

Who is the most beautiful city in Pakistan?

Islamabad is considered as the most beautiful city in Pakistan.

Who is the most beautiful girl in Pakistan 2020?

Top 25 Most Beautiful Pakistani Women In The WorldMahira Khan. Image: Instagram. Date of Birth: 21 December 1984. Saba Qamar. Image: Instagram. Sanam Saeed. Image: Instagram. Maya Ali. Image: Instagram. Sanam Baloch. Image: Instagram. Ayesha Khan. Image: Instagram. Mehwish Hayat. Image: Instagram. Sonya Jehan. Image: Instagram.More items •22 May 2020

Which city is called city of Beauty in Pakistan?

Lahore Beauty of Lahore Lahore is Pakistan second largest city and hub of Pakistan art, education and culture.

Is Islamabad really beautiful?

“Islamabad is no doubt one of the most beautiful and planned cities and that is why it has been ranked as the second most beautiful capital,” he said.

Which city is called City of lions in Pakistan?

Mandi Bahauddin Mandi BahauddinMandi Bahauddin منڈی بہاءالدینProvincePunjabDivisionGujranwalaDistrictMandi BahauddinEstablished1506 AD20 more rows

Who is the richest man in Pakistan 2020?

Shahid Khan Pakistanis by net worthRankNameAs of1Shahid Khan20202Anwar Pervez20203Mian Muhammad Mansha20194Sadruddin Hashwani202027 more rows

How rich is Malik Riaz?

His net worth is valued at around US$1.5 billion (As of 1 November 2019).

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