Question: Is soul a Chinese app?

Soul, an up-and-coming Chinese social media platform, filed for a listing on Nasdaq on Monday with the stock symbol SSR. The initial public offering will likely take place this year, according to Bloomberg.

Who created soul app?

Zhang Lu Zhang Lu, the founder of Soul App, explained that her goal was to develop a product for users to publish contents, pressure-free, anytime, anywhere that can receive quick responses.

Is Soul app safe to use?

Soul App is dedicated to creating a fun, safe, friendly environment for all Soulers. SOUL does not tolerate hate or obscenity and has implemented a rigorous system to create an environment free of illegal and unwanted content.

How does the Soul app work?

Launched in 2016, Soul matches like-minded users through artificial intelligence-enabled recommendations, according to its website. After answering a quiz that places them in one of five categories, users can chat by text and voice, as well as participate in group chats and post to a public forum.

What is the app soul for?

Soul is an AI-powered app that creates social circles for its users based on personality tests. Users can interact with their matches on a page called “Planet,” either through chat, audio call, or “Soul Cam,” the apps video function.

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