Question: Why is dating an athlete so hard?

Why is it hard to be an athlete?

There is more pressure on an athlete than an average student. According to the NCAAs article Mind, Body and Sport: Risk factors in the sport environment, athletes feel the most stress from time demands. Trying to balance studying, practicing, sleep, and leisure time can create more stress for an athlete.

Is becoming an athlete worth it?

Professional athletes can earn lots of money In fact, professional athletes often earn many millions of dollars each year and dont have to worry about money, at least during their active careers. Thus, becoming a professional athlete can also be a great way to go for you if money is really important to you.

Is being an athlete easy?

Being an athlete is not an easy task especially when youre constantly competing, throughout more than half of the year in your desired sport. To be the best, you must train excessively, be mentally stable, and take care of your body which is the most crucial of all.

What are the disadvantages of being an athlete?

Disadvantages of Being a Professional AthleteBeing a professional athlete can be lonely.People make fun of you.Shitstorms are quite common.Only few mistakes can cost your career.Pressure for professional athletes can be enormous.You will be away from your family quite often.Injuries are a problem.More items

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