Question: What should you not say to someone with OCD?

What should you say to someone with OCD?

DONT…Offer reassurance.Try to relate.Suggest they just “try not to think about it”Encourage them to find an OCD specialist.Help them embrace uncertainty.Educate yourself on the disorder.Urge them to try to live life as normally as possible.Jul 31, 2018

Should you talk to someone about OCD?

Encourage the person to talk about the disorder so that you can learn how it affects them and how you can be more supportive, but dont engage in discussions about the logic of OCD as most people with OCD know their obsessions and compulsions are excessive and irrational. Encourage the person to seek professional help.

How do you calm down someone with OCD?

Here are some things you could try:Agree on an approach that feels right for you both. Encourage them to challenge compulsions where appropriate. Offer a hug or other emotional support instead of helping with a compulsion.Seek advice.More items

Can OCD patients marry?

Many people will have passing doubts, or get “cold feet” when they decide to marry. However, a person with OCD will persist in seeking evidence that they are marrying the “right” person. They may do this by repeatedly asking family and friends as to whether they like and approve of the intended spouse.

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