Question: Who qualifies for SDA?

Participants who are eligible for SDA funding are those with extreme functional impairment or those who have very high support needs. SDA funding is provided to cover the capital (bricks and mortar) costs of the dwelling and to support investment in high quality SDA dwellings, and is not for person-to-person supports.

Who can be an SDA provider?

An SDA provider may or may not own the dwelling and may or may not include:Private landlords.Family members of people with disability.Organisations (not-for-profit or for-profit)

What is SDA funding for?

SDA funding is used for housing, not services or supports. It also helps to stimulate investment in high quality dwellings suitable for participants with SDA funding in their plan. The SDA Market Information Statement 2021 (PDF 603KB) provides a high-level overview of SDA growth opportunities and risks.

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