Question: Where can I put a long tagline on my profile?

Where should I put my tagline?

Its usually placed under your name in a logo and in other strategic places. At the very least, it gives your market something positive to think about. But if you get lucky, it could become a part of day-to-day lingo. Youre probably picturing some of the catchiest brand slogans and taglines as we speak.

Can taglines be long?

Sure, slogans should be as short as possible, but theres a trade-off. Slogans should be long enough to contain some words that knock on the right side of the consumers brain.

Where do you put a tagline on a logo?

If your slogan is more of a tagline and will fit, place it near the top your page near the logo. A tagline simply states what you do or how you do it in very few words. Think of “Just Do It” from Nike. A slogan can also be more of your value proposition or philosophy and explain the value you bring to the consumer.

What are good taglines?

Best Company SlogansJust Do It - Nike.Think Different - Apple.Wheres the Beef? - Wendys.Open Happiness - Coca-Cola.Because Youre Worth It - LOreal.Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands - M&Ms.A Diamond is Forever - De Beers.The Breakfast of Champions - Wheaties.More items •Oct 28, 2020

Do what you cant tagline?

Samsung has been using its “Do What You Cant” tagline in Galaxy advertising since about a year ago and its been working out nicely for them. Staying true to its philosophy, on March 2, 2018, Samsung became the first ever technology company to present an LED show on the iconic skyscraper.

What slogan is we try harder?

DDB Avis will drop its famous tagline, We Try Harder. The tagline was penned by DDBs Paula Green in 1962 when the then-No. 2 car rental company tried to explain to its new ad agency why anyone would choose the runner-up brand over Hertz, the biggest company.

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