Question: How old is Christine Keeler now?

Keeler died in December 2017 at the age of 75.

Is Christine Keeler still alive?

Deceased (1942–2017) Christine Keeler/Living or Deceased

How old was Christine Keeler?

75 years (1942–2017) Christine Keeler/Age at death

How old was Christine Keeler in 1963?

Christine Keeler was just 19 when she became embroiled in a sex scandal that would bring down the British government.

Was Christine Keeler intelligent?

In 1963, after a roiling few months in which her tryst with the war minister John Profumo helped bring down the government, Keeler pleaded guilty to perjury. She was sentenced to nine months and ended up serving six in Holloway prison, where an IQ test found that she was highly intelligent.

What did Christine Keeler do wrong?

In December 1963, Keeler pleaded guilty to charges of perjury before Sir Anthony Hawke, the Recorder of London, and she was sentenced to nine months imprisonment, serving four and a half months in prison.

Where is Christine Keeler buried?

Anglican Chapel, Kensal Green Cemetery, London, United Kingdom Christine Keeler/Place of burial

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