Question: Why are singer featherweights so popular?

The Featherweight uses the same low-shank feet and accessories as full-size Singer sewing machines. A beautiful straight stitch is one of the Featherweights strongest selling points. Due to the mechanical simplicity and high-quality construction and materials, Featherweights are easy to maintain at home.

Why is Singer Featherweight?

Size โ€“ Singer Featherweights are very lightweight, hence the name. They weigh only about 15 pounds in their little carrying case. The light weight is due to the cast aluminum body of the machine. The machine is about 15โ€ long by 10โ€ tall including the spool spindle pin.

Where do you oil a white featherweight?

1:0011:32Singer White Featherweight Maintence - YouTubeYouTube

Can I use white lithium grease on my sewing machine?

Grease is used on some sewing machine gears. Oil would just fly off as the gears spin, so it is not a substitute for grease in this case. Its sticky and doesnt fling off as the gears spin. I do NOT recommend using lithium grease.

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