Question: What happened to Victoria from f x?

f(x) Victoria has terminated her contract with the bands agency, SM Entertainment. She has done so to focus on activities in China. Before her, other members of the band had left the agency too but that did not officially announce the groups dissolution.

Will FX have a comeback?

In August 2019, f(x) officially reunited as a three-piece (without Victoria) and performed at the three-night SM Town Live 2019 in Tokyo concert.

Is FX Victoria still in SM?

f(x)s Victoria has officially parted ways with her longtime agency SM Entertainment. On April 9, SM Entertainment responded to reports of her departure by confirming, “Its true that our contract with Victoria has expired.”

Is Wei Long Korean song?

Song WeiLong (宋威龙) is a Chinese actor and model under (Yu Zheng Studio) Huanyu Film. On October 2015 he debuted as an actor in his first drama, “Demon Girl II”, as support role. Korean Name: Song Wi-rong (송위롱) (?)

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