Question: What do the scores mean on Elite Singles?

What does the number mean? Once youve completed the questionnaire, Elite Singles pairs you with members based on a compatibility score of 1 to 100. The higher the score, the higher the likelihood of compatibility for serious dating, according to the Elite Singles algorithm.

What do the symbols mean in elite singles?

A green circle means that they will have logged on to EliteSingles in the last 24 hours. A blue circle means that they have logged on in the last 28 days (and you can see precisely when by hovering your cursor over the dot).

What does a Match mean on elite singles?

The matching score serves as an indication of compatibility but we do still encourage you to contact anyone who catches your attention. The score takes into account your respective test scores and your shared interests and hobbies.

What does the magnifying glass mean on elite singles?

This allows you to do an open search of all our registered members. In order to use What if , you must have the app downloaded. To access this feature, just tap on the magnifying glass with the heart. You can then view the profiles and get in touch with members by sending a message.

How do you match on elite singles?

Once youve completed the personality test, our matching algorithm searches our member database to find you compatible matches. It takes into account the answers you gave during your test and the Preferences you selected.

What does ID mean on Elite Singles?

Your Secure Code is a unique number that identifies your account. To find your Secure Code, navigate to My Account via the menu. Your Secure Code can be found under the heading Personal details. If youre using the app, please log into the site to locate your user ID.

Why do messages disappear on Elite Singles?

Messages allows you to access the communication history between you and your matches. New and unread notifications will be denoted by a number. If you clear your browser cache and cookies, your unsent message will disappear.

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