Question: Is Dating Amber sad?

Dating Amber is funny and sad, heartwarming and heart-melting. The language is strong, yes. But then this is a film about finding your sexuality.

What happens in Dating Amber?

The film is set in 1995 in Ireland where two teenagers distraught over persistent homophobic abuse, outsiders Eddie and Amber decide to hide their sexuality from the rural Irish town in which they live by pretending to be a heterosexual couple.

Where was Dating Amber filmed?

Dating Amber was filmed in Dublin in Ireland.

Is Dating Amber on Amazon?

Dating Amber arrives on Amazon Prime Video on Thursday, June 4.

Is Dating Amber on Netflix?

Dating Amber is not available on Netflix, but the streaming giant is home to some of the best LGBTQ coming-of-age films like Alex Strangelove, The Half of it, and Handsome Devil.

Where can I watch Dating Amber in the US?

Currently you are able to watch Dating Amber streaming on Hoopla, HBO Max. It is also possible to buy Dating Amber on Google Play Movies, Vudu, Amazon Video, YouTube as download or rent it on Google Play Movies, Vudu, Amazon Video, YouTube online.

Who plays Ambers mum in Dating Amber?

Sharon Horgan Sharon Horgan also shines as Eddies perceptive mum. A more subdued queer outing than the likes of Pride and Love, Simon, Dating Amber is a smart, relevant dramedy that neatly broaches the topic of small-town prejudice by spotlighting the self-doubt and fear of those outsiders who feel pressured to conform.

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