Question: Is Blind Date scripted?

Many viewers also believe that the show is scripted but the makers strongly deny it. The views expressed and the actions of the shows contestants are of the individuals involved, says Roshan Dahal, the creator, director and also producer of the show.

Is dating around real or fake?

Dating Around is an American reality dating streaming television series on Netflix. It is the first original dating series that Netflix has produced. Each episode of the series follows one person going on five blind dates, with dates including people of various races and sexual orientations.

What happened to the couple that got married on Blind Date?

BLIND Dates first ever married couple returned to TV today with their kids after celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. They are still together and they brought their grown-up children, Emily and Charlie, onto the GMB sofa with them.

What did Cilla Black say on blind date?

Cillas Top Five Catchphrases: Whats your name and where dya come from? Lorra lorra laughs

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