Question: Who owns Starrett?

The L.S. Starrett Company settled its roots in Athol in 1880, and has since expanded its reach throughout the world. President and CEO Douglas A. Starrett said the company has six operations in the United States and multiple international locations in Brazil, Scotland and China.

Who bought Starrett?

East New Yorks massive 46-building housing complex, Starrett City, has been sold for $905 million, reports Bloomberg (h/t Crains). The buyer of the federally subsidized housing complex is a joint venture between Brooksville Company and Rockpoint Group.

Are Starrett Tools Made in USA?

Starrett Made In America. Starrett has been making tools in the United States since the beginning. We were founded in Athol, Massachusetts in 1880, where our headquarters still remains. Since then, weve expanded to include other facilities in the states where we manufacture a variety of American-made products.

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