Question: How much does the hinge dating app cost?

Subscriptions start at $19.99 for one month, $39.99 for three months, and $59.99 for six months. Along with unlimited likes, with a paid subscription you can see everyone who likes you. Free users only see likes if theyre mutual.

Can I chat on Hinge without paying?

You can send a message at the same time you “like” a profile – meaning you dont have to match before starting the conversation. Hinge focuses on match quality instead of a near-endless match queue. You can only “like” 10 profiles a day without a paid subscription.

Is it worth it to get Hinge?

And, as for Hinge Preferred, it might be worth paying for an upgrade on Hinge if you have the money to do so, However, if youre serious about finding romance (rather than fun, or short term dating) then a real paid dating site might be a better bet for you.

Does Hinge offer a free trial?

A Free Trial on Your Terms You can stick to the basic Hinge plan for as long as youd like. Theres no charge unless you decide you want to take a leap and upgrade to preferred status.

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