Question: What is the 5FM WhatsApp number?

Listeners will need to send 5FM any ball emoji, to the 5FM Whatsapp phone number: 082 550 5151.

What happened Mark Gilman?

Johannesburg - Radio DJ Mark Gillman has shocked his fans by announcing on air that he will be leaving the breakfast show. After entertaining 5fm listeners for nine years, Gillman, 35, will be leaving on June 30.

What is Metro FM phone number?

You can call ICASA explaining your needs and hopefully they can help you: 011 566 3000/3001. Streaming Issues: Elaborate what seems to be the problem when accessing the stream.

What channel is ECR?

East Coast Radio (ECR) is a KwaZulu-Natal commercial South African radio station with an audience of approximat .East Coast Radio (South Africa)Frequency94.00 - 95.90 MHzSloganKZNs widest variety of Hit Music from the 90s to nowProgrammingFormatTop 40, news, trafficOwnership6 more rows

Who started YFM?

Controversy. Most recently, the station came under fire from South African record executives and artists alike when YFM CEO Kanthan Pillay called a meeting and introduced a policy that had been put into place.

How old is Metro FM?

Metro FMProgrammingOwnerSABCHistoryFirst air dateOctober, 1986Links7 more rows

How can I listen to ECR?

How To ListenWeb streaming: Listen to East Coast Radio over the internet. Go to the Listen Live page and you will be connected to East Coast Radio. Via your smart speaker. ECRs available on Google Home or Assistant. Windows Media Player: Live Audio Streaming System requirements to stream. a.

How old is ECR?

In November 2019, East Coast Radio had enabled a new online feature to listeners called East Coast Gold, which enables them to play music from the 1960s and the years that succeeded it. East Coast Radio started as Radio Port Natal, broadcasting from the SABC studios in Old Fort Road, Durban on 1 May 1967.

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