Question: Does Kik use your phone number?

Kik will never share your personal information. User Name: A Kik user needs to know another Kik users username to chat with them, they cant be found using their real name. It is not required, but the app pushes users to enter their phone number so that they can match users to other Kik users based on phone contacts.

Can someone see my phone number on Kik?

With a username instead of a phone number, you dont automatically share personal information with others — your chat companions on Kik can only see your display name, username, and profile picture. They cant see your email address, phone number, or birthday, though within a Kik group, everyone can see your username.

Can you remove your phone number from Kik?

Although Kik doesnt have any inbuilt features to delete your phone number, you can change your phone number when you lost your old phone number and disable the phone number from your account to increase privacy.

Why does Kik ask for your phone number?

When a user enters their own phone number it is saying that they want to be shown as a Kik contact in to Kik users who have their phone number saved on their phone. This prompt is asking permission for Kik to access the contact list on the users phone to generate contacts for them.

How do you get a Kik phone number?

Tap Find People. Tap Find by Username if you know the Kik username. Tap Find by Phone Contacts to chat with an address book contact.

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