Question: What Throuple means?

A throuple is an intimate consensual relationship that involves three people.

What is the purpose of a throuple?

“Many of the benefits of a throuple are similar to the benefits of a two-person relationship,” says Taylor. These include: someone(s) who enjoy your same hobbies, and someone(s) to pick up new hobbies through. someone(s) to emotionally support you through hard times.

How do you become a throuple?

Are there rules for being in a throuple?A married couple invites a third person into their relationship.Much like the shape of a V, two people date the same person but they do not date each other.All three people agree on a “closed” relationship where they commit to only dating each other.More items •1 Apr 2021

Is throuple a real thing?

If youre watching season 2 of The Politician on Netflix, youve been introduced, rather intimately, to the term “throuple.” The word, which is a portmanteau of “three-person” and “couple” is a specific form of polyamory where all three partners are in a relationship with one another, and this unique relationship style

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