Question: How is HIV spread in Zimbabwe?

The Zimbabwean HIV epidemic is largely driven by unprotected heterosexual sex. But there are now growing epidemics among certain population groups who are at higher risk of HIV (often referred to as key populations). National data on these populations is sparse.

What percentage of Zimbabwe has HIV?

The first cases of AIDS in Zimbabwe were identified in the mid-1980s. Today the country is experiencing a generalized HIV epidemic, with an HIV prevalence in the adult population (15–49 years) of about 24.6%.

When was the first case of HIV in Zimbabwe?

The first AIDS case was reported in Zimbabwe in 1985 [17]. Since then more patients began to present with illnesses suggestive of HIV infection. Young adults presented with severe respiratory infections, herpes zosters, persistent generalised lymphadenopathy and diarrhea associated with weight loss [18,19].

What are the 4 ways behaviors HIV is spread?

People can get or transmit HIV only through specific activities, such as through sex or injection drug use. HIV can be transmitted only in certain body fluids from a person who has HIV. These fluids are blood, semen, pre-seminal fluids, rectal fluids, vaginal fluids, and breast milk.

How do I get ARVs in Zimbabwe?

ARVs can be given in an HIV primary care clinic that delivers the spectrum of HIV care; PMTCT clinics that provide HIV care; HIV specialty clinics devoted solely to ARVs, such as clinical trial settings where other HIV care is given at other sites; or integrated into an ongoing primary care clinic.

How many people are on ART in Zimbabwe?

The activity took 12 weeks to complete and CDC Zimbabwe staff across all technical branches contributed more than 160 person-days. This exercise validated the MoHCC ART census and confirmed the correct national number of patients receiving ART in Zimbabwe was not 1,172,978 as previously reported but 1,021,167 people.

What are Zimbabwes three major rivers?

List of rivers of ZimbabweZambezi River. Luenha River. Mazowe River (Mazoe River) Ruya River (Luia River) Pungwe River. Honde River.Buzi River. Lucite River.Save River (Sabi River) Runde River (Lundi River) Chiredzi River. Mutirikwe River (Mtilikwe River) Limpopo River. Changane River. Mwenezi River (Manisi River)

What are the side effects of Dolutegravir?

Side effects of Dolutegravir may include.Increased cholesterol and triglycerides.Increased lipase.High blood sugar (hyperglycemia)Increased creatinine kinase.Increased AST.Insomnia.Increased ALT.Increased bilirubin.More items

How much are ARVs in Zimbabwe?

In July, a months supply of a fixed-dose combination of antiretrovirals (ARVs) went up from Zim $200,000 (US $7.70) to Zim $450,000 (US $17) and now costs up to Zim $1.2 million (US $46) in most pharmacies.

Is there a mountain in Zimbabwe?

Mount Nyangani (formerly Mount Inyangani) is the highest mountain in Zimbabwe at 2,592 m (8,504 ft). The mountain is located within Nyanga National Park in Nyanga District, is about 110 km (68 mi) North West Mutare. The summit lies atop a small outcrop of rock around 40m above the surrounding area.

Whats the name of Zimbabwe currency?

United States Dollar Real Time Gross Settlement dollar Zimbabwe/Currencies

What does dolutegravir do to the body?

Dolutegravir is in a class of medications called HIV integrase inhibitors. It works by decreasing the amount of HIV in your blood and increasing the number of immune cells that help fight infections in your body.

What is the best time to take dolutegravir?

Prescribing guidance recommends that dolutegravir should be taken two hours before or six hours after taking these agents. Capetti AF et al. Morning dosing for dolutegravir-related insomnia and sleep disorders. HIV Medicine, advance online publication, 1 August 2017.

Where can I get pep in Zimbabwe?

PEP is available from sexual health clinics and accident & emergency departments.

What does antiretroviral therapy do?

Antiretroviral treatment (also known as antiretroviral therapy or ART) are the drugs that treat HIV. Taking ART means that people living with HIV can live long and healthy lives. ART is not a cure for HIV, but it keeps HIV under control, so it doesnt affect your health and you can carry on with life as usual.

Which one is the biggest mountain in Zimbabwe?

8,504 feet (2,592 metres) at Mount Inyangani, the highest point in Zimbabwe, in the eastern highlands.

How many US dollars is 50 billion Zimbabwe dollars?

The Zimbabwean $50 billion bill is worth 33 U.S. cents; and it takes 1.2 quadrillion Zimbabwean dollars to make up about $4,000 U.S.

How long does dolutegravir stay in your body?

In the 17 people who completed the study, dolutegravir plasma half-life within the 24-hour dosing interval was shorter than its terminal elimination half-life to the last measurable concentration within 216 hours (14.3 versus 23.1 hours).

What are side effects of dolutegravir?

Side effects of Dolutegravir may include.Increased cholesterol and triglycerides.Increased lipase.High blood sugar (hyperglycemia)Increased creatinine kinase.Increased AST.Insomnia.Increased ALT.Increased bilirubin.More items

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