Question: What are the bad areas of High Wycombe?

What is the population of High Wycombe?

80,116 people 80,116 people live in High Wycombe.

Is Chesham A Nice Place to Live 2020?

Its a great family-friendly town, loads going on, and good access to London where we work. We live one street over from Cameron Road, its very quiet and I feel very safe here. Like most towns, crime does exist in Chesham, but rates are low, and the area is well-covered by The Thames Valley Police.

What is High Wycombe like to live?

While High Wycombe in general is a nice place to live, its important to bear in mind that just like with any town or city, there are good and bad places to be. They are picturesque, have fantastic schools, tend to be safer than the rest of High Wycombe (and cities such as London) and are very family friendly.

What is Amersham like to live in?

Amersham has all the perks of countryside living – its scattered with half-timbered buildings and pretty period cottages and is in the heart of the Chilterns (its an Area of Outstanding National Beauty).

Where should I buy a house in Perth?

Top suburbs to buy in PerthWhen it comes to focusing your search, Joe believes its a good idea to look at the cheaper, smaller houses in better areas. As he puts it, “it doesnt matter what your home looks like. Innaloo. Tuart Hill. Bassendean. Cloverdale. Carlisle. Rivervale. Willagee.More items

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