Question: What are the best suburbs in Sunshine Coast?

What are the best suburbs to live in on the Sunshine Coast?

Best Sunshine Coast Suburbs For Families: Moving GuidePeregian Springs. Peregian Springs is a fantastic place in Sunshine Coast, where you would love to be with your kids. Mooloolah Valley. Mountain Creek. Kuluin. Maroochy River. Meridan Plains. Woombye. Doonan.14 Feb 2020

Is Mooloolaba a good place to live?

Mooloolaba is a wonderful place to live and to visit for holidays. The weather lends itself to lots of outdoor living all year round. It has a fantastic surf beach on one side with a river estuary a short walk away. For visitors there is excellent accommodation along the beach with cafes overlooking the ocean.

Is Noosa River safe to swim in?

NOOSA FORESHORE - A LITTLE POCKET OF JOY This beautiful river is unlike any other, its safe for swimming, has sandy banks lined with grassy parks and shaded trees that make it the perfect spot for a dip!

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