Question: What are some good opening lines on dating sites and apps?

Whats a good opening line for a dating app?

3 good opening lines to try on dating apps, according to a proWhen was the last time you had a really great laugh? You know, the kind where your eyes are watering and youre doubled over? What moment or moments of your life have had a memorable impact? Have you ever dated a contortionist before?Jan 8, 2020

What is a good opening line?

6 Tips for Writing a Great Opening LineState your theme. Begin with a strange detail. Establish your characters voice. Introduce your narrative style. Convey the stakes. Set the scene.Aug 17, 2021

How do you write a strong opening sentence?

Examples of Great First Sentences (And How They Did It)Revealing Personal Information. “School was hard for me, for lots of reasons.” – Mirroring the Readers Pain. Asking the Reader a Question. Shock the Reader. Intrigue the Reader. Lead with a Bold Claim. Be Empathetic and Honest. Invite the Reader In.

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