Question: When does the Ocho Cinco dating series start?

What time is Ocho Cinco fight?

Main event: 11 p.m. ET (approx.)

Is Ocho Cinco fighting?

Chad OchoCinco Johnson gets knocked down, finishes first boxing match with Brian Maxwell. But Maxwells overhand right on Johnsons face clearly decided the fight, which kicked off the festivities before boxing legend Floyd Mayweather faced social media influencer Logan Paul later Sunday night.

What time is Mayweather vs Paul UK?

Mayweather vs Paul is set to start in the early hours of Monday June 7, for UK viewers, with PPV coverage starting from 1am. The fight itself is not due to start until at least 4am (UK time) with three undercard bouts and it will be exclusively broadcast on Sky Sports Box Office at a cost of £16.95 in the UK.

How old is Brian Maxwell boxer?

As per BoxRec, Maxwell, whos also a BKFC fighter, is 33 years old, standing at 60”. Whereas, his contemporary, Chad Johnson is 42, commanding a higher stature compared to Maxwell at 61”. Ahead of their fight, both of them successfully made weight. The former NFL stalwart weighed in at 179.5 pounds.

Why is his name Ochocinco?

Its just my middle name. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month in October 2006, Johnson announced he wanted to change his birth name to Ochocinco as a tribute to his jersey number, 85, even though that number in Spanish is actually ochenta y cinco. He made the change legal in 2008.

Who is Logan Paul gonna fight next?

Jake is currently the better fighter, having defeated fellow YouTuber Ali Eson Gib, former NBA player Nate Robinson, and MMA fighter Ben Askren, according to BoxRec. Next on Jakes fight card is a matchup against 39-year-old former UFC star Tyron Woodley.

How can I watch Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather for free?

There is no way to stream Mayweather vs. Paul online free. However, you can sign up for Showtimes 30-day trial to get Showtime free online even after the fight is over.

How much does Chad Johnson make per fight?

He got up and finished the round, but against a slightly more experienced boxer, the man once known as Ochocinco might have gone down earlier. Whatever the case, he made some quick money for the fight. Johnson tweeted early Monday morning that he earned $1 million for the fight.

Is Brian Maxwell a professional boxer?

Brian Maxwell is a mixed martial artist and professional boxer from Rocky Mount, Virginia. Brian debuted in professional mixed martial arts in 2016. He has a 2-3-0 pro MMA record, according to his statistics.

What team did Terrell Owens retire with?

Owens was a member of the team for seven seasons until he was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2004 following conflict with the 49ers front office. Two years later, he signed with the Dallas Cowboys, where he spent three seasons .Terrell Owens.Receptions:1,078Receiving touchdowns:1532 more rows

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