Question: How do I hook up my Nest Thermostat?

How do I set up an already installed Nest Thermostat?

To pair your mobile device (Android or iPhone) with Nest, download the Nest app. Then, connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your Nest thermostat (presumably your only home network). Then open the app and tap Sign Up for a Nest Account. Enter your e-mail address, create a username and password, then click Sign up.

How do I set my Nest thermostat for the first time?

Get an entry key from your thermostat or scan the QR code​Tap Settings. on the Nest app home screen.Tap Add product. To get the QR code, go to your thermostat and press it to open the Quick View menu.Choose Settings .Turn the ring to select Nest app and press to open it.Select QR code.

Whats the difference between RC and RH on a thermostat?

The RH wire refers to “red heating” which means that this is the connection you need in order to power the heating system of your air conditioning unit. The RC wire, on the other hand, refers to “red cooling”. Its the same with the RH wire in that it powers the thermostat. For the RC, it powers the cooling system.

Why wont My Nest thermostat connect to App?

Make sure your home Wi-Fi is working If youre using a phone, make sure you dont use cellular data to test your connection. Turn on Airplane mode and then turn on Wi-Fi. Visit to check if your connection is working. If you cant connect, try using a different device to double check.

Can you connect Nest thermostat to multiple accounts?

Family accounts let other people share access to your home and your Nest products in the Nest app. Depending on the level of shared access you choose, people you invite can add, remove, and control Nest products in the Nest app. The maximum number of people who can share a Nest home is 20: One Owner.

How do I use my Nest thermostat manually?

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Does R go to RC or RH nest?

An R wire can go into a Nest Learning Thermostats Rc or Rh connector. The Nest Thermostat E only has an R connector, which is typically where an R wire would go. These are not jumper wires, and you can insert the Rc wire into the Rc connector and the Rh wire into the Rh connector.

Does R go to RH or RC?

In a thermostat, the R wire is responsible for powering the entire HVAC system (through a transformer). If you have both an Rh (Red-heat for powering the heating) and an Rc (Red-cool for powering the cooling), then the R wire can be connected to either Rh or Rc.

Why does my Nest thermostat say in 2 hours?

If your Nest Thermostat says, “In 2 Hours,” it means that the thermostat is delayed for cooling your home. This will occur whenever the temperature is currently at one level, but you want to change it to make the home more comfortable.

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