Question: How old is Carrot Top in real life?

On February 25, 1965, Carrot Top was born in Rockledge, Florida, to his parents, namely Larry Thompson and Doma Thompson. As of today, Carrot is 56 years old.

How old is Pauly Shore right now?

53 years (February 1, 1968) Pauly Shore/Age

How did Carrot Top get so rich?

Carrot Tops primary source of income is comedy.

How is Pauly Shore doing?

Hes also busy working on multiple projects. In September 2020 he starred in the Netflix comedy Guest House, and in the following month, he appeared in Mike Binders The Comedy Store, a documentary of Mitzis life. Shore seems more content in this next chapter of his career.

Does Pauly Shore still do movies?

Although he doesnt lead comedy films as he did in the 90s, hes returned to stand-up comedy and now regularly tours. He also hosts his own podcast show. In an interview with Variety in 2014, Shore mused on his own celebrity and his dealings with it.

What religion is Pauly Shore?

Jewish Shore was raised Jewish, and grew up in Beverly Hills, California.

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