Question: How tall is the average girl in Karachi?

What is the average height of a woman in Pakistan?

Average Female Height by CountryAfghanistan1.645 4.5Pakistan1.595 2.5Panama1.524 11.75Paraguay1.585 2.25Peru1.514 11.598 more rows

What is the average height for a female girl?

5 foot 4 inches According to a 2018 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average height among all American women, age 20 and up, is 5 foot 4 inches tall.

What is tall height in Pakistan?

Average Height by Country (Males >20 years)CountriesHeight (cm)Height (in)Mexico167,555.9″Pakistan167,055.7″Singapore166,655.6″Thailand166,455.5″78 more rows•Sep 17, 2009

What is the average height of a Pakistani woman in feet?

five feet two inches Ushnas concern is shared by people who are below the average height, which is approximately five feet seven inches for males and five feet two inches for females in Pakistan reports the

Is 5.5 a good height for a girl?

The ideal height for a woman, according to the average man, is 56”. Notably, this excludes 10% of men who say there is no such thing as too short and 9% who say no height is too tall. Similarly, there is no too short for 4% of women and no too tall for 7%.

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