Question: How can I call police in Kolkata?

How can I send mail to Kolkata Police?

Through E-mail, Fax and by post /courier. Fax No. : 033-2214 5512. For further information regarding the complaint lodged by you kindly contact telephone No. 2250-5134/5340 on any normal working day i.e. Monday to Friday (between 10.00 Hrs. to 18.00 Hrs.)

Who is DCP of Kolkata?

Shri Hardeep Singh Jagpal, WBCS (Exe.)

What is the emergency number of West Bengal?

West Bengal police emergency helpline: (+91) 33-22145486.

How can I do FIR online in West Bengal?

Steps to View FIR online with West Bengal PoliceStep 1: Visit the Website of State Crime Records Bureau, West Bengal. Step 2: Click on View FIR Button. Step 3: Fill the information asked for. Step 4: Click on Search Button.More items

Who is Anuj Sharma?

Anuj Sharma (born 27 March 1968) is an officer of the Indian Police Service. He was the 40th and 42nd Commissioner of Police, Kolkata, having served from 19 February to 5 April 2019 and from 26 May 2019 to 7 February 2021.

Why is Kolkata Police dress white?

As early as 1845, the British government set up a special police force for Kolkata, with this, all the Kolkata policemen were asked to wear white uniforms. In 1847, Lamsden ordered all policemen to wear khaki. White is a colour that reflects heat rather than absorbing it, which makes it an ideal choice of uniform.

What is the salary of ACP in Kolkata Police?

Average Kolkata Police Police Constable salary in India is ₹ 1.7 Lakhs for employees with less than 1 year of experience to 6 years. Police Constable salary at Kolkata Police ranges between ₹ 0.3 Lakhs to ₹ 4.5 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 4 salaries received from various employees of Kolkata Police.

What is the number of fire?

INDIAN HELPLINE.comNATIONAL EMERGENCY NUMBER112POLICE100FIRE101AMBULANCE102Disaster Management Services10823 more rows

How can I call police in West Bengal?

Contact UsTalk to Us (Toll free numbers) Dial 100 - for Emergency. Dial 1090 - to give any information to police. Dial 1073 - for Traffic related issue.Kokata Police Head Quarters. 18, Lalbazar Street, Kolkata - 700 001. West Bengal, India. EPABX Number: (91-33) 2250-5000.

How can I file FIR online in Kolkata Police?

Steps to register online FIR with Kolkata PoliceStep 1 : Hit on the link to visit Website of Kolkata Police. The following following menu will open at the middle end of the Website. Step 3 : Fill the information asked for in the menu. Detail About the Crime: Enter the incident in Detail. Step 4 : Hit on Send Button.

How can I check my FIR report online?

How to check complaint status or view FIR online.Step 1 : Visit the website of Uttar Pradesh Police Step 3: Click on View FIR Link to open UP Police Complaint Status Website. Step 4 : Enter Login Name, Password and Verification Code.Step 5: Click on Submit.

Who is the SP of West Bengal?

Dr Joby Thomas K.

Who is the present DIG of West Bengal?

Key Contacts of CIDSl.NoNameRank1.Shri Gyanwant Singh, IPSADGP CID West Bengal2.Shri Anand Kumar, IPSIGP, CID West Bengal3.Dr. Pranav Kumar, IPSIGP, CID West Bengal4.Dr. Pranav Kumar, IPSHolding Addl. Charge of DIG CID West Bengal8 more rows

Which city is called black city of India?

The answer is: Kolkata Interesting Information: The Black Hole of Calcutta is the name for a location in then-British-run Fort William on the River Hooghly.

Which state police is best in India?

Indias Top 10 Police Stations for 2020 announcedRankStatePolice Station1ManipurNongpokSekmai2Tamil NaduAWPS-Suramangalam3Arunachal PradeshKharsang4ChhattisgarhJhilmili (Bhaiya Thana)6 more rows•Dec 3, 2020

What are the 5 emergency numbers?

INDIAN HELPLINE.comNATIONAL EMERGENCY NUMBER112POLICE100FIRE101AMBULANCE102Disaster Management Services10823 more rows

What are the 5 emergency services?

Five distinct disciplines compose the ESS, encompassing a wide range of emergency response functions and roles:Law Enforcement.Fire and Rescue Services.Emergency Medical Services.Emergency Management.Public Works.

What is the logo of Kolkata Police?

Each symbol of the Kolkata Police seal has a special significance. At the center is the Ashok Stambha, which has been adopted from Ashokas Sarnath Lion Capital. The 24-spoked wheel is referred to as the Dharma Chakra.

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