Question: Who was Drew Barrymore dating before Tom Green?

Who did Drew Barrymore date in 1999?

comedian Tom Green She filed for divorce from him less than two months later. In late 1994, Barrymore began dating Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson, followed by MTV host and comedian Tom Green in 1999; she and Green were engaged in July 2000 and married a year later.

Who is Drew Barrymores ex husband?

Will Kopelman2012 โ€“ 2016 Jeremy Thomas1994 โ€“ 1995Tom Green2001 โ€“ 2002 Drew Barrymore/Ex-spouses

Is Drew Barrymore dating someone now?

Nowadays, Drew isnt dating anyone specifically, although she has hinted to Howard Stern during an interview that she is starting to consider the prospect of dating again in the future. When people say, You should date, my response was, Its not within me.

Who did Fabrizio Moretti date?

In 2007, he briefly dated actress Kirsten Dunst. Moretti has become progressively more private since this time. He was later in a four-year relationship with Little Joy bandmate Binki Shapiro. From late 2011 to 2013, actress Kristen Wiig and Moretti dated.

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