Question: Did Kevin Jonas Date Selena Gomez?

Selena Gomez and Jonas began dating in 2008. She even appeared in the Jonas Brothers music video for “Burnin Up” that year. The two split after a few months of dating in 2009 and briefly rekindled their relationship the following year before breaking things off again for good shortly after.

Who all did Kevin Jonas date?

Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas Before becoming Mrs. Jonas, Danielle was a hairdresser from New Jersey. The two first met while on vacation with their families in the Bahamas in 2007 and eventually wed in 2009. They now have an two adorable daughters, Alena and Valentina.

Which Disney stars dated the Jonas Brothers?

Finding Love on Tour: Joe Jonas and AJ Michalka A year later, Aly & AJ were the supporting act for the Jonas Brothers tour. During the tour, Joe and AJ became close and dated for a year before breaking up in 2007.

Did Miley Cyrus date Joe Jonas?

Miley Cyrus and Jonas began dating in 2006 when they were both 13 years old after meeting at a charity event. The “Hannah Montana” alum even wrote her song “7 Things” about Jonas. Years later, Jonas admitted his song “Wedding Bells” was about Cyrus.

Does Nick Jonas have an illness?

Nick suffers from Type 1 diabetes. In 2018, he spoke about it in an Instagram post. 13 years ago today I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The picture on the left is me a few weeks after my diagnosis.

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