Question: Where are the most Lebanese in Canada?

The majority of Lebanese Canadians reside in two primary provinces: Quebec and Ontario. More than 40% of Lebanese Canadians live in Ontario while more than 30% live in Quebec. Montreal is home to the largest Lebanese Canadian community.

Which city in Canada has the most Arabs?

Montreal Over half of all Canadians of Arab origin live in either Montreal or Toronto; in fact, the largest Arab community in Canada resides in Montreal.

Where is the largest Lebanese population outside of Lebanon?

10 biggest Lebanese diaspora communitiesBrazil (6.4 million) United States (2 million) Argentina (1.35 million) Venezuela (420,000) Colombia (400,000) Mexico (340,000) Australia (310,000) (tie) Canada and France (225,000)More items •Jan 6, 2016

Which country has most Lebanese?

Lebanese populations in the diasporaCountryEstimateUpper EstimateArgentina1,200,0003,500,000Colombia1,000,0003,400,000United States500,000900,000Venezuela341,000500,00033 more rows

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