Question: Can Jehovah Witness dye their hair?

Jehovahs witnesses will dye their hair with the natural colors that occur with human hair. So Jehovahs witnesses refrain from doing it. If you was to actually go into a kingdom Hall with unnaturally colored hair you would feel very out of place youll be the only person there that has blue or purple hair.

Do Jehovah Witnesses put flowers on graves?

Do not bring flowers. Jehovahs Witnesses believe that in death, the deceased are unconscious-sleeping in their graves while waiting for the final resurrection, and that exactly 144,000 of them [the Jehovahs Witnesses] receive eternal life immediately upon their death.

Can Jehovah Witnesses date outside their religion?

Remember, Witnesses can only date other Witnesses, and thats not a suggestion, thats a rule. And if you break that rule, there are consequences.

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