Question: Where did Greeks settle in Chicago?

Greektown is situated within the west side of Chicago. However, the current location along Halsted Street dates back to the 1960s. Chicagos original Greek neighborhood was known as “The Delta,” a specific triangular area formed around 3 streets: Halsted, Harrison and Blue Island Streets.

Where do most Greeks live in Chicago?

By the end of the twentieth century, large concentrations of Greek Americans could be found in other Chicago neighborhoods such as Rogers Park and West Rogers Park, Edgewater, Forest Glen, Lake View, South Chicago, Hegewisch, Ashburn, and Beverly.

Is there a large Greek population in Chicago?

Opa: Greeks in Chicago. Chicago currently has the third largest Greek population of any city in the world.

Where did Greek immigrants settle?

Their pattern of settlement shows that the majority settled on the East Coast, primarily in Florida and New York, and the industrial Midwest, in Chicago, Detroit, and Pittsburg. Greeks also formed enclaves on the West Coast as they worked in the construction, lumber, and mining industries.

Why do so many Greek people live in Chicago?

The first Greek immigrants to settle in Chicago arrived in the 1840s via the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. The major fires of Chicago in 1871 caused significant further quantities of Greek immigrants to move to the area, inspired by the prospect of rebuilding the town of Chicago.

How many Greeks are there in Chicago?

Greektowns bars and restaurants, serving some of the best Greek food in the country, lie roughly between Van Buren and Madison Streets, along Halsted Street, west of the Loop. It is estimated that approximately 150,000 people of Greek ancestry live in the greater Chicagoland area.

How many Greek Americans are in Chicago?

200,000 Greek Americans In spite of the Second City being the second-largest Greek American community, with about 200,000 Greek Americans, an astonishingly large percentage of Greek Chicagoans hail from the same villages in the Peloponnesus, in particular the villages around Tripolis.

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