Question: Is safe to use?

Overall, is an excellent service, and its definitely worth using if you need help discovering great music that fits your style. Try it yourself to see how you like it!

Is Spotify safe?

The Benefits of Scrobbling Spotify to The feature isnt as reliable nor as useful as the Google Play Music offering—but it does give you a single interface for all your music tracks. As of the June 2018 update, can also scrobble any locally saved songs that you play through the Spotify app.

What do you use for? uses your listening history to recommend you new music and events. Find music to love on your personalized music page, Next_30 playlist or recommended radio.

Does Last FM recommend music? is a music recommendation and social networking site incorporating several different types of data. Each user can scrobble songs they listen to on iTunes, Spotify, and various other web services and software.

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