Question: Why is Halo 5 so bad?

What made Halo 5 bad?

1. The Lack Of Split-Screen Is Unforgivable. While 343 seemed to think that removing the ability to play split-screen multiplayer in Halo 5 was an unfortunate, but necessary decision, its already come back to bite them and justifiably so.

Is the Halo 5 Campaign bad?

Very interesting looking environments along with lots of multiple paths and open spaces. They have lots of good arenas to battle the enemies and the easter eggs were also really nice. It gives the game some bright spots. Its definitely the weakest campaign in the series, although Its not terrible.

Why is Halo 5 so short?

It would really feel like Halo. Change is OK, in graphics but the game mechanics Halo started with needs to stay because thats what made Halos name big. The slow FPS was so strategic and required skills and much gaming.

Is Halo 5 a dead game?

Halo 5 is a dead game already.

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