Question: Is Melbourne a gay city?

Which is the gayest city in the world?

Welcome to Tel Aviv, the gayest city on earth - The Boston Globe.

Is Brisbane LGBT friendly?

LGBT-FRIENDLY ACCOMMODATION IN BRISBANE Queenslands capital has a lively queer scene, so come prepared to explore the many attractions and events in and near the city. While theres so much do, where you stay is just as important and Brisbanes inner-city suburbs offer plenty of LGBT-friendly accommodation.

Where is the gay district in Sydney?

Oxford Street The western section of Oxford Street, which runs through the suburb of Darlinghurst, is widely recognised as Sydneys main gay district and Oxford Street is closed to traffic once a year in early March for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

How long is Oxford Street Sydney?

4.3 kilometre Sydney City Councils invitation to write a love letter to Oxford Street accentuates the special place that this 4.3 kilometre stretch holds for so many Sydneysiders and visitors.

What is the postcode of Darlinghurst?

2010 Darlinghurst/Postal codes

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