Question: Does Zoosk have discounts?

Yes! Were so happy youd like to become a Zoosk subscriber. We periodically offer special promotions and coupons to free members whod like to subscribe, so keep an eye out!

Does Zoosk run specials?

Do you want to try out Zoosk for a discounted price? As The Date Mix is owned and operated by Zoosk, were happy to offer our readers a special Zoosk discount. We know it can be tricky to find the right dating platform, so what better way than to try it out at a discounted price!

Does Zoosk have a free trial?

Try Zoosk for FREE Now If you like what you see, you can subscribe to send and read messages, see who has viewed your profile and have full access to the SmarkPick feature. Give it a test run and experience what dating with Zoosk is like today.

What does Zoosk cost?

Zoosk Cost: How Much Is A Subscription And What Does It Get You?12 months3 monthsAmerican Dollars$12.49 per month or one payment of $149.88$19.98 per month or one payment of $59.95Canadian Dollars$12.50 per month or one payment of $149.95$19.98 per month or one payment of $59.952 more rows•9 Nov 2020

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