Question: Is LoL and Dota the same Creator?

Guinsoo, now Game Designer for League of Legends, designed and created the DotA Allstars map, while Pendragon, now Director of Community Relations for LoL, created the website to foster and grow the community around the map.

Who creates DotA LoL?

Beck and Merill recruited two figures involved with DotA: Steve Feak, one of its designers, and Steve Mescon, who ran a support website to assist players. Feak said early development was highly iterative, comparing it to designing DotA.

Is IceFrog creator of LoL?

In 2009, IceFrog experienced a falling out with the administrator of, Steve Pendragon Mescon, who had become an executive employee of Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends. As such, IceFrog began servicing DotA and the community at

What came first LoL or DotA?

The important people like Icefrog, Eul and some others remained with dota2, the trashy ones went to LoL, not even joking. The creator of Dota 1 is Euls and now is a Valve developer.

Is LoL inspired from DotA?

One day a developer by the name of Guinsoo left the team to take a job at a company called Riot Games, leaving the development of Dota Allstars to a person with the name Icefrog while Guinsoo would develop his own version of Dota Allstars with the name League of Legends.

Who is the real IceFrog?

By 2005, lead development of Dota All-Stars had transferred to IceFrog (real name: Abdul Ismail). After a brief stint with S2 Games to work on the Dota-like Heroes of Newerth, IceFrog was hired by Valve in 2009. In 2010, he sold Valve his rights to Dota 2 for a handsome price, as the ruling puts it.

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