Question: How do I pay with Tim Hortons app?

After you are logged in to the Tim Hortons® app, you can access the “Scan to Pay” from the Home page. When you tap “Scan to Pay,” the barcode can be scanned at a register to complete payment for the order. Your order total will be deducted from your Tim Hortons® app balance.

Do you need data for Tim Hortons app?

In addition, well use your location data to provide you with tailored offers and choices. For example, on many devices, you may choose to share your location data only when the Tim Hortons app is open. Or you may choose to Always share your location, and your device will share this data even if the app is closed.

Does Tim Hortons take Samsung pay?

Pay using the Samsung Pay application on your Samsung mobile device with a total of (5) five separate Qualifying Transactions (as defined below) at any participating retailer in Canada that accepts NFC/MST transactions and receive a $10 digital Tim Card which can be used for the goods and services at participating Tim

How Does pay It Forward work at Tim Hortons?

All you have to do is: Earn points (if you dont have any) by visiting your local Tim Hortons and scanning your mobile app or registered physical card. Sign into your Tim Hortons App or on the website and tap into the Tims It Forward tile, or tap “More” and select Tims It Forward.

Does Tim Horton Take Apple Pay?

Tim Hortons, the Canadian coffee and doughnut company, unveiled a new iPhone app that allows customers to order in advance of their visit and pay with Apple Pay. The new version of the app also supports using a credit card or the companys TimCard.

How do I check my Tim Hortons rewards card?

To check the balance of your TimCard® please call 1‑866‑TIM‑CARD (846‑2273).

How do I get a Tims rewards card?

How To Register for Tims RewardsDownload the Tim Hortons App. Available on iOS and Android. Download The App.Create an account. Sign up using your email address. Sign Up.Link your Physical Card, if you have one. Link a Card.Choose your Reward Level to spend or bank your Points. Choose Reward Level.

What cards can be used with Samsung pay?

These are a few of the compatible banks and services supported by Samsung Pay in the US:Visa.Mastercard.American Express.JP Morgan Chase.Bank of America.Citi.US Bank.PNC.More items •18 Jan 2021

How do you redeem free coffee on Tim Hortons app?

Follow these four easy steps to link your card: Download Tim Hortons® app Click on “Details” Scroll down to type in your 12-digit physical card number Click Link my card” to link your card Choose your reward level on the “Redeem” tab Start earning rewards with your app!

How do I check my Tims rewards balance?

To check the balance of your TimCard® please call 1‑866‑TIM‑CARD (846‑2273).

How do I transfer a balance to my Tim Hortons card?

Yes! From the homepage, click “Scan to Pay”. Then, scroll down to the “Reload Your Card” section. Click “Transfer balance from another Tim Card”.

How does Tim Hortons online order work?

The Tim Hortons® app makes it easy to order and pay. Select and customize your favourite food and drinks, choose your preferred participating Tim Hortons® location, and pay — all from the app! If youre already at a participating Tim Hortons® location, just scan the barcode on your phone to pay.

How can I get a free Tim Hortons?

Visit and register.Download the Tim Hortons app.Create an account using your email address.Link your account to a card.Choose your reward level to spend or bank your points.27 Feb 2021

What is a Tim Hortons reward card?

Tims Rewards is a loyalty program for Tim Hortons guests. It is simple and easy to use: download the Tim Hortons app, link your Tims Rewards card (if you currently have one), choose a rewards level, start earning points and redeem those points for your favourite Tims beverages, baked goods or food.

How do I check my Tims rewards card?

To check the balance of your TimCard® please call 1‑866‑TIM‑CARD (846‑2273).

Does Tim Hortons give free coffee on your birthday?

On your birthday, if youve made a previous eligible transaction, you become eligible to receive a birthday offer. To redeem your offer, activate it in-app or online and head to a participating restaurant on your special day.

Does Samsung Pay work with debit cards?

Samsung Pay can be used in store: anywhere you can tap or swipe your payment card to pay; and. anywhere Scotiabank®* debit, Visa*, American Express or Prepaid Reloadable cards are accepted.

Is there a monthly fee for Samsung Pay?

Samsung charges no fees for Samsung Pay, one-ups mobile payment competitor Apple. Samsung announced at its recent Galaxy S6 and S6 edge announcement at MWC 2015 that its mobile payment solution, called Samsung Pay, would utilize both NFC (near-field communication) and magnetic secure transmission (or MST).

How many points do I need for a free Tims coffee?

In the old program, 7 eligible purchases (or “visits”) earned you a free Reward, which was redeemable for a brewed coffee, tea, or baked good. Now, 8 eligible purchases will give you 80 Points, which can be redeemed for a brewed coffee or tea.

Do Tims points expire?

A. Yes, Points expire 12 months after you earn them. For more details, see the Terms and Conditions.

Can you transfer money from one Tim Hortons card to another?

Yes! From the homepage, click “Scan to Pay”. Then, scroll down to the “Reload Your Card” section. Click “Transfer balance from another Tim Card”.

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