Question: What is special in Mysore?

Famous for its silk sarees, rosewood artefacts, sandalwood products, coffee powder, to name a few, Mysore is nothing less than a blessing for the shopaholic in you. Famous for its rich cultural heritage, the city is located 143 km away from Bengaluru.

What is special in Mysore food?

Best Street Foods in MysoreIdlis. Idilis is a popular street food in Mysore (source) Vada. Vada is a Mysore favourite. Bonda. Bonda is a must-have breakfast item in Mysore (source) Khara Bath. Khara Bath (source) Kesari Bath. Kesari Bath is a popular variation of halwa served in Mysore. ( Uttapam. Poori Saagu. Shavige Bath.More items •Apr 20, 2018

What can we buy in Mysore?

Some of the most important things to buy in Mysore include silk sarees, sculptures, sandal wood products, Mysore betel leaves, Coffee powder, Mysore rosewood inlay artefacts, Mysore painting, Channapatna toys, and incense sticks.

Which God is famous in Mysore?

The Chamundi Temple on top of the Chamundi hills is the most famous temple in Mysore, since Goddess Chamundi or Chamundeshwari is the presiding deity of Mysore. She is the tutelary deity held in great

Which language is used in Mysore?

Kannada is the most widely spoken language in the city.

What should I wear in Mysore?

Traditionally, the women of Mysore wear sari. Mysore is famous for its silks and these silks in myriad hues are known for their durability. Mysore silks can be easily washed very often and regularly used with the color and shine remaining intact.

Which dam is in Mysore?

Krishna Raja Sagara It was after him that the dam was named. One of the architects of the dam was Chief Engineer of Mysore M. Visvesvaraya .Krishna Raja SagaraType of damGravity damImpoundsKaveri RiverHeight39.8 m (131 ft)Length2,620 m (8,600 ft)17 more rows

Which city is called Kashi of South India?

Mysore city Srikanteshwara Temple is a very ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in Mysore city. This temple is often referred to as the Kashi of South India.

How many days do you need in Mysore?

Plan atleast 3 days in Mysore. Local Mysore,you can visit Palace,Zoo,Brindavan Gardens,Chamundi hills & Srirangapattana/Ranganathittu,spread over two days. An additional day can be spent covering Somnathpur,Halebeedu & Belur. 3.

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