Question: Why did Zinhle Bonang and aka break up?

How did AKA and DJ Zinhle break-up?

Both DJ Zinhle and AKA claimed that the separation was amicable, and decided not to comment on the matter further. This was until DJ Zinhle revealed that the reason for their break-up was because AKA had cheated on her with Bonang Matheba, whilst she was pregnant with their daughter, Kairo Forbes.

When did AKA and zinhle break-up?

In 2015 the pair had broken up after AKA cheated on DJ Zinhle with TV personality, Bonang. Shortly after that, Bonang and AKA become couple goals and went on to date for two years before splitting up in 2017. AKA then reunited with his baby mama, DJ Zinhle in 2019 and now their relationship has come to an end.

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