Question: How does dine work?

Dine users select their 3 favorite restaurants and bars from a list of options, then send and receive date requests to meet at those establishments. Youll receive 1 to 5 matches each day, which you can then “like”, “skip”, or send a Dine request to.

Can you use Dine Card for takeaway?

Do the Dine offers apply to takeaways? Sorry, unfortunately the discount does not apply to takeaways unless stated in the restaurant listing.

Are all Marstons pubs 2 for 1?

Two for one With a wide range of drinks, fantastic gardens for the summer we offer great value for money all year round. There are over 90 Two for One pub restaurants, to find your nearest Two for One click here.

How does Tastecard make money?

It also generates revenue from its employee benefit scheme, where businesses offer their staff discounted memberships that are deducted from their salary, or else given to employees for free as a way to save money on company dining expenses.

Can dine be used for lunch?

Dining does not only refer to dinner: a hotel will usually serve lunch in the dining room, for example. But if you say you plan to dine out, most people will take that to mean go out for an evening meal.

Do Marstons pubs have an app?

Marstons launches game-changing training app to mark pub reopening!

Are Marstons pubs doing eat out to help out?

Several Marstons pubs in Somerset and the surrounding area will be taking part in the governments Eat Out to Help Out scheme. Eat Out to Help Out allows customers to get a 50 per cent discount on food or non-alcoholic drinks, up to a maximum discount of £10 per diner.

How much does a tastecard cost?

Restaurant discount scheme Tastecard gives its 3.1 million members 50% off or two-for-one on food at more than 6,500 restaurants across the UK. Its standard annual membership costs £39.99, though it frequently offers cheap trials – currently it offers a three-month trial for £1 or a free 30-day trial.

What days can I use my tastecard?

Can I use my card 7 days a week? Yes! Thousands of our restaurants offer the tastecard discount 7 days a week. Some restaurants do have individual restrictions including weekend days or celebration days, so please check the individual restaurant details on our website prior to booking.

What do they call lunch in England?

In most of the United Kingdom (namely, the North of England, North and South Wales, the English Midlands, Scotland, and some rural and working class areas of Northern Ireland), people traditionally call their midday meal dinner and their evening meal tea (served around 6 pm), whereas the upper social classes would call

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