Question: What part of Tucson is bad?

Some of the worst neighborhoods in Tucson include Barrio Hollywood, Mitman, Avondale, Palo Verde, Starr Pass, Mountain View, Doolen-Fruitvale, Dodgeflower, Amphi, and Blenman-Elm. Steer clear of these areas while visiting Tucson and you will lessen the risk of falling victim to property and violent crime.

Is South Tucson bad?

The southern part of Tucson is also known for a fairly high crime rate, so the statistics of crimes committed in STuc are greatly skewed by crimes committed by people who are not residents. STuc has and is making great strides in reducing crime (“Crime: South Tucson has also been fighting a.

What is the safest area of Tucson?

The top three safest neighborhoods in Tucson are Saguaro Miraflores, Tucson Park West, and Houghton. Saguaro Miralores has a crime rate 54% lower than that of the national average.

What is the best part of Tucson?

Here are some of Tucsons best neighborhoods.El Presidio Historic District. The citys first, and at one time, most affluent neighborhood, El Presidio is located downtown and features large, historic homes. Dunbar Spring Neighborhood. Armory Park. Sam Hughes. West University Neighborhood.9 Mar 2021

Is South Tucson a good place to live?

It is an average place to live, not the most fun. There is so much diversity and culture in South Tucson. The people in the community are super friendly and welcoming. In South Tucson there is not really that much you can say about it.

Is Tucson safe to live?

Residents of Tucson have a 1 in 20.2 chance of becoming a victim of property crime. Violent crime is on a slow decline, with only 736 per every 100,000 people. Crime rates aside, Tucson is an extremely popular place to live.

Is Tucson an affordable place to live?

With a cost of living thats 6% lower than the national average and 5% lower than the state average, Tucson is an affordable place to live in Arizona. Housing costs are also 25% lower than the national average with median home prices around $132,200 and median rent prices around $772.

Is Tucson nice?

Tucson is a small city where everyone is mostly familiar with each other. The weather is very nice and is usually warm, which I love. There is not very many sites to see, but there are many cute cafes and restaurants with outstanding food. The downtown area is pretty fun at times but it isnt too crazy.

Is rent going up in Tucson?

According to Zumpers National Rent report, the price of a one-bedroom apartment in Tucson is up more than 14 percent since this time last year. The rise in prices is leaving Tucsonans like Klein in a tough situation.

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