Question: Who owns OLX South Africa?

OLX is owned by Prosus, the international assets division of the South African multinational Naspers. The OLX marketplace is a platform for buying and selling services and goods such as electronics, fashion items, furniture, household goods, cars and bikes.

What happened to OLX?

The biggest online marketplace just got bigger and better!

How does OLX generate revenue?

A major part of OLXs revenue comes from Google Ads Monetization. The company works with partners who in-turn works with Google and other ad partners to act as ad supplier and ad mediator for the website. These Ads works in juxtaposition with the OLX website, and its contents are displayed on the webpage itself.

Is OLX a carousel?

Starting July 15, all of OLX Philippines listings will be migrated to, as well as ads from the formers real estate portal, Property24. ABS-CBN News recently got to talk to Raffy Montemayor, general manager of Carousell Philippines, about the merger.

How can I sell my product on OLX?

The OLX selling and shipping processCreate your account. Go to OLX website and choose your country. Create the ad. Click on “Sell your item now”, choose a product or service category and write the ad. Complete and check the ad. Find the right shipping service.

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